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    Indo herbal extractions is a leading innovator and manufacturer and exporter of standardized Herbal extracts , Spice oleoresins , Phytochemicals & Natural Colors used for Dietary supplements, Pharmaceuticals , Cosmetics etc.

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    Purest Quality Is Our Mission

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    The Company is backed-up by a strong technical team who strive continuously for innovation and developing cutting edge process technologies to ensure products consistency in terms of quality , supply and adhering to all the standard parameters.

Highest Standards In Quality Control And Assurance

About Us

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We ensure C-GMP practices, GLP practices and the certificate given by Himachal Pradesh Assistant Drug Controller cum drugs controlling authority. Currently we are manufacturing below standardized Plant Extracts, Phytochemicals and Phytoceuticals.

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Facilities :

  • Batch Extractor (Continuous Extractor)

      Enrichment of pharmacologically active constituents
    Depletion of ballast
      Depletion of toxicologically dubious components
    Equalisation of variable starting material

    Vacuum tray dryers, rotary dryers.

      Heating and cooling with fluid heat transfer mediums
    Excellent cleanability for both manual cleaning and CIP-cleaning
      Evenly temperature distribution on all shelves
    Excellent usability of the seal of the dryer

    Solvent distillation units – RFE, TFE and Other SS reactors.

      Use of a solvent distillation unit will decrease the amount of waste solvent disposed. The decrease in hazardous waste will help facilities meet the requirements of waste reduction
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